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Threat Intelligence Ontleed: De Drie Types Op Een Rijtje

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Modern Security Health Check

Staying on top of the security risks and challenges is a constantly moving target.

CWSI’s Health Check is an expert review of your identity and endpoint management and security configurations. Our consultants will bring together your IT security and operational leaders in a workshop environment and guide you through our proprietary program to assess your identity and endpoint security.

The recommendations will focus on three key areas:

  • Are your security policies being executed and are they effective?
  • Are your security policies up to date with the latest standards & controls?
  • Are you fully utilising your existing solutions capability?

The Modern Security Health Check is designed to support your transition to a productive, modern workplace, enable you to maximise the benefits from your existing technology and identify areas for future technology investment.

Our experts will make recommendations based on benchmarking against industry peers and standards such as NCSC, NIST and ISO 27001 security controls.

What are the Benefits of a Health Check?

With many organisations adopting hybrid and remote working there is now a need to reassess security models to adapt to this changing landscape. This means applying security controls and management at the edge, using Zero Trust concepts, based on identity, to create a modern security posture.

CWSI have been designing and managing secure remote working solutions since our foundation over a decade ago. The nature of work has changed, work is now an activity, not a place. Employees expect, and demand, to be able to access the data, applications and tools they need from anywhere, on any device, securely. The CWSI Health Check provides the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Documented security goals & objectives
  • Security gaps and risks identified and prioritised
  • Improved Return on Investment in current security solutions
  • Documented Roadmap for future security and technology investment
  • Streamlined, easier to manage security polices
  • Improved user experience, leading to greater compliance
  • Visibility of knowledge or skills gaps and training needs within IT
  • Education on staying ahead of threats and preventing escalation.
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What does the Health Check Cover?

The Health Check is a rapid, non-invasive assessment that places minimal demand on your internal resources.

What’s Included?
  • A workshop with your key stakeholders to discuss goals, current policies & challenges
  • A review of your current environment & configurations
  • A final report including areas for improvement & recommendations
  • A debrief with our experts

How Does it Work?
  • We review your environment vs your requirements, using the insights gained from the workshop
  • We conduct a gap analysis of your security configurations vs your desired security posture
  • We make recommendations to improve your security posture, aligned with industry baselines, such as CIS and NCSC


Icoon Over Ons


Threat Intelligence Ontleed: De Drie Types Op Een Rijtje

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