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Data Governance & Compliance in M365 (Teams, SharePoint & Exchange Online).

With the shift towards Cloud first and remote working, managing data becomes more difficult. Sensitive data can reside in cloud apps such as Teams, SharePoint Online & Exchange Online. This data can contain information that could impose a compliance risk, if not protected through inbuilt tools. CWSI can help businesses to:

  • Understand the hidden compliance risks of unprotected/unclassified data in M365.
  • Assess your organisation’s data risks across M365.
  • Assess your M365 environment against the Data Protection Baseline.
  • Learn about tools and services that can mitigate risks.
  • Low Level Design with recommendations and next steps & implementation of controls.

Address Governance & Compliance risks head on– Risk can be introduced in the form of uncontrolled Team groups & chats. When it comes to compliance, you need an experienced partner. CWSI, Microsoft Security and Compliance Partner of the year 2022, have a proven, referenceable approach to data Governance and Compliance in M365. Failure to govern external access to sensitive data, over sharing and storing data for longer than required is a big concern for organisations, protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements.

This Data Governance and Compliance engagement gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data across Teams, SharePoint & Exchange Online. As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach to compliance is more important than ever.

What to Expect.

Data Protection Readiness Review

Through a series of guided workshops, CWSI will explore your organisations readiness for data compliance & governance in M365. This will include a deep dive into current solutions, licenses, regulatory requirements & existing controls and polices. CWSI will then help you prioritise requirements and drivers that are directly linked to business requirements and business continuity plans.

Teams Data Governance Baseline Assessment

The MS365 security platform has many controls available to help protect organisations against internal risks (i.e., oversharing of data) and external risk (unauthorised access to sensitive data). CWSI will review you current teams Governance, Compliance and Security controls and map these to baseline protection controls available in M365. CWSI’s Assessment include reviews and recommendations on controlling Teams sprawl issue, internal access control, external access control, retention & sensitive information protection controls.

M365 Compliance Review

CWSI build security solutions based on the Zero-trust model. Building on the first two phases, CWSI will take a closer look across M365 and advise on risks and mitigation techniques available to M365 customers. The assessment will include a review of your identity and access controls, device management controls, access reviews and data protection and compliance controls.

Microsoft Governance & Compliance Solution Overview

In this phase, CWSI will take the refined requirements built throughout the engagement
and demonstrate how Microsoft Security controls can help customers meet Security, Compliance and Governance requirements. This phase is designed to provide a proof of value to senior stakeholders so that they can make educated decisions on the best security solution for their organisation.

Low Level Design with Recommendations, Next Steps & Deployment

CWSI are customer focused and use this full engagement to guide customers through the
process required to address Governance and Compliance requirements. Although the engagement is primarily focused on MS security tool for Governance and Compliance. CWSI use the process to identify the right solution for their customers, create a low-level governance and compliance design and implement controls as per design.

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