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Enterprise Software Application Management.

There is a growing market trend whereby organisations are placing a new focus on creating software that is specific to their organisational needs and goals – often referred to as enterprise software. By definition enterprise software “handles a number of operations in an organization, for example to enhance the business and management reporting tasks, or support production operations and back-office. The systems must process the information at a relatively high speed.

With the increasing number of employees working from home, there is an importance for organisations to have productive mobile working conditions and tools in place. As a result, we are developing more custom (mobile) software applications for our customers. By creating innovative mobile applications, companies are realising the important role that software applications play in their digital transformation. Find out why taking this next step in your digital transformation journey will help secure your organisations evolution to the modern workplace.

Enterprise Software Application Management

Enterprise Application Challenges.

Security Issues when releasing vulnerable data

Through our clients we have found that as more organisations look to create and manage a mobile application software solution, there are certain challenges that arise. These challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Struggling to deploy, update or remove custom apps on (new) employee devices​.
  • Apps that stop working as a result of system updates ​
    (operating system, access management, endpoint management)​.
  • Apps that stop working because the app renewal certifications process is not managed​.
  • Lack of resources and expertise to manage third party app development providers​.
  • Use the Unified Endpoint Management [UEM] solution to it’s full potential (SSO, encryption, config management, VPN, deployment).​

Additionally, at CWSI we place a strong focus on security. When creating mobiles apps it is important to eliminate as much of the security vulnerabilities as possible. This prevents having authentication credentials stolen, malicious actors hijacking user sessions and compromise your data. Vulnerable code is often released to production with the security issues being overlooking. The main reasons for this is that 54% of companies needed to meet a critical deadline, 49% consider the vulnerabilities low risk, and 45% discover the issues too late in the release cycle.

Benefits of an Enterprise Application.

The skills shortage in cybersecurity is a topic that is widely discussed. It is an important factor when businesses consider which processes to develop in-house vs. seek external partnerships. With business processes being the center of your organisation, it is important to identify the most important processes to you and nurture, monitor and optimise them.

A mobile software application has the ability to nurture your processes as it connects your different organisational departments and encompass your most important business processes, all in one platform. Some of the key benefits are highlighted in the diagram to the right and include:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Flow of Information and Accessible Data
  • Process Standardisation

Our Custom Application Management Service.

With twenty years of experience in the field of innovative (mobile) enterprise application development, we are confident in saying that our specialists have all the knowledge in-house to make your organisation more efficient and your work more fun. At CWSI, we are always there for you, so you can work worry-free.

With our experience and expertise in app development, we already work with numerous organisation to develop innovative applications that: perfectly match and optimise their processes, they enjoy working with and are ultimately place security at the forefront. That is why security, processes and people are central to our approach. We apply this approach to government institutions, hospitals, business service providers and manufacturing companies. Below are a list of different elements we are able to offer in our application management service:

  • Custom App Lifecycle Management
  • Certificate & App Store Management
  • Weekly Checks
  • Beta Testing
  • Third Party App Supplier Management
  • App Signing
  • Identity & Profile Management
  • UEM Integration

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